Sure Approval Loans in the Philippines

sure approval loansSo what are the different sure approval loans in the Philippines? What are the types of collateral and non collateral loan that can give the borrower the assurance of getting approved fast with no hassle and less requirements? What is a secured loan and how does it differ from an unsecured loan? How do you use these sure approval loans to your advantage especially if you are already in bad credit status and have unpaid loans, credit card and mortgage plans with bank and other lending companies in the Philippines today? These are the questions that this particular post aims to answer so that at the end of the day, as a loan applicant, you can maximize the approval of your credit application.

Being a loan agent or consultant to top private lenders and banks in the Philippines at such a very short span of time, I have learned so much. I wanted to use this experience to help Filipinos (Pinoys) from all over the world to get a loan faster than they can imagine. Let’s take it one at a time by answering the questions above.

List of Sure Approval Loans in the Philippines

While a collateral loan being one of the best option in getting a secured loan usually offers better chances of getting approved with an application, a non-collateral like the OFW loan or salary loan will usually end up with so many requirements that is either hard to meet or can’t be met at all. For example, if you go for a salary loan with banks and you already have a bad credit (C-Map) under your name, chances are, you will end up with a declined application 100% big time. These banks will require you to have a clean bankingĀ  record and no pending or unpaid loans if you apply as a locally employed borrower. Same thing goes with BPO or call center agents. So I wanted to capitalize and let you know that most of the time, a collateral loan would be your best option if you want a sure approval loan.

  1. ATM Loan
  2. Personal loan with loan sharks / bumbay or 5-6
  3. Car collateral loan with private financiers
  4. Real estate loan with private financier
  5. Appliance loan
  6. Car impounding loan

By far, apart from what we have on the list above, there are no other quick loans to consider adding in the sure approval loans offered in the Philippines. Note that most of these loans are offered with very little to no security of payment from the borrowers due to lack of resources by lenders. These lenders are usually a person, a group of investors or small unregistered companies.

bad creditFor those of you who are thinking that buying second hand car thru private lending companies is somewhat a type of sure approval loan, you are wrong. Lending companies these days act like banks. They are already using BAP database for people credit mapping or C-Map. Although in most cases, trying to apply to these private financing companies would yield a higher rate of approval than banks, it is not to be compromised that a sure approval loans type of process is up for you. It may also be a lot faster with private lenders compared to banks but absolutely not a sure choice. It is always best to stay away from having a bad credit history and pay all your loans so you won’t need to worry where to apply for sure approval loans. In the first place, you used that money to your advantage so there is no reason why not pay for it. Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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