Fast Loan – 1 Day Release Low Interest 3% Seaman Loan

Fast Loan 1 Day ApprovalSo what type of loan can you apply for which serves the fastest possible approval? Is there a 1-day release fast loan in the Philippines today? Literally, yes, there is and you can apply for it only if you are a seaman or seawoman. This type of loan is called the seaman loan or seawoman loan.

Applicable only to maritime industry workers overseas, you can get your loan approved easily and fastest if you follow these few simple steps listed below.

Steps to Get A Seaman Loan Approved Fast

1. Make sure that you don’t have any existing unpaid loans anywhere from banks to other private lending companies or institutions or a cooperative. If you have one, don’t apply anymore or you have the option to get help from a loan consultant like me. That is either you settle your existing loan by paying it or have it reconstructed for renewal.

2. Prepare your loan requirements early and don’t use fake or falsified documents. The bank or lending company will see and know if you submitted one. Furthermore, you should know first hand that it is a criminal offense to commit falsification of public documents. Loan requirements are based from the type of loan you are interested or qualified to apply for.

3. If you are having problems trying to come up with the right documentary requirements please make sure that you ask your loan consultant outright and ASAP if there are any other alternatives or easier ways to get it. Again don’t go for fake documents, it will only further delay your application approval and worse, have it denied.

4. Submit only authentic documents and as stated in the list of requirements from duly recognized agencies or institutions of the Philippine government. Never get any of your legal papers and documents via a fixer!

5. Be sure you understand what is and what should be done in case you are already on your way to secure your documentary requirements. If you have any questions prior to applying for them, raise them up at once so your loan consultant can give you a clearer explanation.

6. Stick with the rules and regulations of the lending company or the bank or the private person lender. This way, you can rest assured that you are on the right track all the time. Never make any rough estimates, instead always go for strict compliance to rules, requirements and procedures to follow. If there is a step by step procedure, be sure to ask based on your case as the applicant what goes first.

If your loan consultant can’t make up for any tips because he or she is busy, make a list of places where you will get your documents. This will help you save time visiting here and there. Routes must be properly configured prior to going to any agency of the government where you will get your documentary requirements. (ex. LTO, SSS, GSIS, DFA, NSO… etc)

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