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  • CAR LOAN (w/0 taking car) (OR/CR must be under borrower’s name)
  • SEAMAN LOAN (w/ POEA-validated contract already)
  • DOCTOR’S LOAN (general practitioner / veterinarian / dentist / opthalmologist / optometrist)
  • BUSINESS LOAN (w/ mayor’s permit / DTI / SEC) (business must be existing for at least 1 year)
  • HOUSE & LOT LOAN (w/ clean title and on borrower’s name)
  • TAXI for CASH LOAN (w/0 taking taxi / PUV) (OR/CR must be under borrower’s name)
  • TRUCK for CASH LOAN (w/0 taking truck) (OR/CR must be under borrower’s name)
  • JEEPNEY for CASH LOAN (w/0 taking jeep) (OR/CR must be under borrower’s name)
  • TRICYCLE for CASH LOAN (OR / CR must be under borrower’s name) (if w/ franchise, please bring validated franchise papers)
  • TUITION FEE LOAN – Just read the full details for educational cash advance options.

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If you are serious with your loan application and in getting your cash advance approved in no time, we strongly believe that is a must to ask a qualified professional and a loan consultant. On the other hand, our loan products may just not be for you are we have lined up the reasons why.

Why Cash Loans Philippines Offer is for You

  1. Our loan is for you because you are willing to submit all authentic, original and not fake documents as part of your requirements.
  2. It is for you because you are willing to communicate and sacrifice a piece of your time to complete your requirements and submit it as needed.
  3. It is for you because you believe that our service falls nothing short of being the best and one of a kind.
  4. It is for you because you know we have invested our quality time to help you and you will not waste it on your end as much as we will not on our end to serve you.

Seaman Cash LoanCall me to apply for a Loan – Sam Casuncad (loan consultant) (home office phone: 542 7015) or (Sun Cellular No 0932 – 872 5532) or (Smart Cellular No 0939 – 9269335) / (Globe No 0917 – 5019245) (with Viber). You may also CHAT or send your completely filled up application form at

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Sure Approval Loans in the Philippines

sure approval loansSo what are the different sure approval loans in the Philippines? What are the types of collateral and non collateral loan that can give the borrower the assurance of getting approved fast with no hassle and less requirements? What is a secured loan and how does it differ from an unsecured loan? How do you use these sure approval loans to your advantage especially if you are already in bad credit status and have unpaid loans, credit card and mortgage plans with bank and other lending companies in the Philippines today? These are the questions that this particular post aims to answer so that at the end of the day, as a loan applicant, you can maximize the approval of your credit application. Continue reading

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