Truck Loan (Without Taking Your Truck)

truck loan

Type of Truck Allowed for Collateral Loan

So what characterizes a truck loan and what type of truck is included or may be used as a collateral to apply for the said cash loan category?

All you will need is the OR / CR to use as your collateral and lending company won’t even need to take your truck.

Generally, this type of cash loan may be categorized as collateral loan but it may also be part of the auto loan lending system therefore, what works for a car for cash loan may also be used in application of this type of credit.

If you want to know what specific trucks may be qualified for use as collateral, I have enumerated some of the most common ones below as well as the documentary requirements and who may qualify to apply. So what are you waiting for? Apply now and contact me!


Seaman Cash LoanCall me to apply for Truck Loan – Sam Casuncad (loan consultant) (home office phone: 366 36 45) or (Sun Cellular No 0932 – 872 5532) or (Smart Cellular No 0939 – 9269335) / (Globe No 0917 – 5019245). You may also email me at

Types of Trucks that May Qualify for Truck Loan

vegetable truck

Vegetable Dealer Truck Loan

There are so many types of trucks that may be used as a collateral for your loan application. If you have a delivery business, chances are, you have a truck or mini truck like an Isuzu Elf which you can use to get instant quick cash loan in return.

  1. Vegetable dealer truck
  2. Delivery truck
  3. Fruits dealer truck
  4. Closed Van
  5. Gravel and sand delivery truck
  6. Construction supply truck
  7. Freezer truck
  8. Lipat bahay truck

Basic / Major Loan Requirements

  1. Completely filled up application form. [ “DOWNLOAD TRUCK LOAN APPLICATION FORM HERE” ]
  2. Copy of OR / CR
  3. Latest 2×2 pictures (3pcs.)
  4. Photocopy of 2 valid IDs
  5. Proof billing (electric or water bill)
  6. Stencil of motor number and chassis number in LTO blue form
  7. Proof of income (may be from registered business or employed or remittance receipt from OFW) (if business is source of income, must submit business documents from permit to DTI or SEC registration)

We also allow truck financing if you want to buy your own second hand truck and have the right requirements or you may opt in to buy from a second hand dealer or seller and have us pay it for you via financing. For second hand truck that you will use as collateral, we only allow up to second ownership official receipt and car registration receipt. Inquire with me, your certified Pinoy loan consultant in Manila, Philippines for more information.

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