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Tuition Fee Cash Advance

It’s in the news all over the Philippines. Tuition fee increase of as much as 5% will be implemented in selected public, private schools, colleges and universities. This is the kind that makes me remember back in the 80’s when SSS had their study now pay later program.

If you are one of those greatly affected, you may not be able to continue studies but on the other hand, if you have the resources to use to apply for educational cash advance or tuition fee loan, you won’t know it until you talk to a certified loan consultant in Manila. The metro is where private and public lending companies are plenty.

With your case, you could be either of the following qualified applicants to be granted and approved of an instant personal cash loan and you might not know it. You have 2 choices, either read my tips below or directly ask me and make an inquiry.

Hurry! Download our loan application form below or talk to me for FREE loan consultation NOW!


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Ask Me, Your Pinoy Loan Consultant Below

Seaman Cash LoanCall me to apply for Personal Loan – Sam Casuncad (loan consultant) (home office phone: 366 36 45) or (Sun Cellular No 0932 – 872 5532) or (Smart Cellular No 0939 – 9269335) / (Globe No 0917 – 5019245). You may also email me at

To enlighten you, there really is no such type of loan (you can call it personal, non-collateral or collateral) but with the right purpose in mind and the perfect qualification requirements available, you might just learn that you or your children can continue your studies by using what resources you already have with you by virtue of talking to a professional and qualified loan agent (that’s me).

Below are possibilities for qualifying for a cash loan that you can use to pay for you or your kids tuition fee and cope up with the increase this year, 2013 if you are just short on budget money you saved for enrollment fees. Again, let me remind you that tuition fee loan is just a purpose for which you can use whatever cash loan you can get from any public or private lending company in the Philippines. Here’s a guide on how.

Don’t forget to read our tips about 5 things you have to know as a loan applicant

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Loan Borrower

  1. For a seaman, whether you are a first timer or old timer, whatever position you are in for as long as your job is sea-based, you can and might qualify for our maritime loan. There are waiters, bar tenders, nurses, doctors, bell boy, chambermaids, laundry personnel, linen personnel, magician, housekeeper, hrm graduate, security aid, singers, entertainers, carpetman, buss boy, mess man, oiler, engineer, supervisor and more. You can actually qualify with any kind of job for as long as you are a maritime worker, meaning you work in a vessel, sailing or on dock and you have the right and complete requirements for fast approval.
  2. For a medical professional, you might qualify for our medical professionals loan – veterinarian, dentist, general med, optometrist or opthalmologist.
  3. If you have anything of value to use as collateral, you can apply for any of our collateral loans – car loan without taking your car, OR / CR truck loan, taxi for cash loan, house & lot collateral cash loan, tricycle for cash loan and our jeepney or PUJ cash loan. Click on any link to see more details.
  4. If you are an OFW about to go abroad in 1 month or less, you might want to see if you have the right requirements to qualify for our Overseas Filipino Worker loan.
  5. For business people who have small, corporate or single proprietorship business, you can check our list of qualifications, interest rates and documents needed here.

All the types of loans mentioned above will be your source for funds and extra cash to pay for enrollment fees, therefore, we can also absolutely call them as tuition fee loan or personal loan because the proceeds you will get after deducting processing fees and interest rates may be used personally and with any purpose. We even have branches all over the Philippines.

Better Options for a Loan

Better Options for a Loan

To make an inquiry, just visit any of the blue underlined links above for a particular interest that you think you can qualify. As a tip, our seaman loan is what we strongly suggest clients and borrowers to go for. That is because it is the only type of credit our lending company has that offers 1 day release and approval processing. It is the quickest, fastest type of loan offered in the Philippines today.

So what are you waiting for? [ “DOWNLOAD FREE TUITION FEE LOAN APPLICATION FORM HERE” ] or call me to inquire for better options NOW!

About Samuel Casuncad

Avail 100% absolutely "FREE" loan consultation & application assistance. My name is Samuel Casuncad - your qualified professional loan agent. 200 + branches all over the Philippines. It's like calling them all at once. Ask about 1 day release and approval loan application processing. Contact Us and Apply Now! Email: Home Office: 542 7015 / 366 3645 Sun: 0932 - 872 5532 Smart: 0939 - 9269335 Globe: 0917 - 5019245 Chat:
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