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Are you a PRC-licensed general medicine practitioner and is currently employed, have a business or have your own small clinic? If so, we’ve got news for you! Get instant cash with out medical professionals loan.

Our doctors loan is now being extended to medical professionals, specifically for general medicine practitioners. Although generally speaking, this type of lending is also made available for other same course graduates like if you are a vaterinarian, optometrist, opthalmologist or dentist.

This post is particularly pointed to clients who are currently either employed and have regular source of income via managing your own clinic business (or other types of business) or is currently employed and in service as general meds and have PRC license (not expired).


Purposes for Loan

As an eye opener and a top loan consultant in our company, GDFI for which I am based in one of the branches in the Philippines, particularly in Makati, I would like to offer my FREE services of consultation regarding doctors loan for general practitioners. That is to help you realize that you can take advantage of this program to apply and get quick cash if and should you qualify. To find out, see pre-qualification requirements and other documentary needs and purposes with which to use the cash loan below.

If your doctor’s loan purpose is to buy clinic or hospital tools and equipments, this type of cash advance category will only give you a very low 1.8% interest rate. Otherwise, you can use your cash for any purpose or any of the suggestions below.

  1. Purchase of additional medical tools and equipment
  2. Clinic expansion or construction or renovation
  3. Personal emergency needs
  4. Additional cash for school tuition fee
  5. Cash for paying sudden bills and short on finance
  6. Emergency needs
  7. Placement fee for those going abroad as OFW

Pre-Qualification Requirements

  • Clear copy of PRC ID (or proof of renewal if expired)
  • Copy of latest bank statement (CA / SA) for at least 2 months or List of clients / patient’s ledger

Basic Loan Applicant Documentary Requirements

1. Completely filled up application form.


2. Latest 2×2 pictures (3pcs.)
3. Photocopy of 2 valid IDs
4. Proof billing (electric or water bill)

Basic Pre-Qualifying Criteria for Loan Applicants

1. Must be Filipino citizen
2. Must be in the age bracket of 21 – 59 years old upon loan maturity. 60 years old and above must have or possess SPA (special power of attorney) if with collateral. Up to 65 years old.
3. Legitimate and active contact numbers office or personal (this will be checked)
4. Documented source of income (pay slip for employed doctors and client ledger for those with clinic) (for those with business, please present complete business documents – registration, permits and so on)

Other than those mentioned above, there may be other useful purposes for applying to our doctor’s loan. It’s just all about knowing that in times of needs, I am always willing to assist you with your cash loan application anytime, 24/7. You won’t even have to go out and process your application. I’ll handle them personally as part of my job giving full assistance to all borrowers without fear of getting charged for my service as your Filipino loan consultant. Ask now, call me below.

filipino loan consultant

Ask Me, Your Pinoy Loan Consultant Below


Seaman Cash LoanCall me to apply for Doctors Loan – Sam Casuncad (loan consultant) (home office phone: 366 36 45) or (Sun Cellular No 0932 – 872 5532) or (Smart Cellular No 0939 – 9269335) / (Globe No 0917 – 5019245). You may also email me at

Please take note that other requirements may be required for submission on a case to case basis. We also have other loan products that you can avail of to apply.

We have the seaman loan which is good for doctors who are in service and employed to cruise ships and other maritime vessels (doctor seaman).

We have the OFW loan for doctors with validated PRC license looking to go abroad in the same position that needs cash to pay placement fee.

We have car loan (without taking your car) for those who have an auto/vehicle to use as collateral.

We have the business loan for doctors who have their own business or clinic and would like extra cash to use for expansion or additional investment and other personal purposes.

We have the real estate for cash loan if you are a doctor who owns a house and lot and would like to use it as collateral for getting cash.

If you have a taxi business with franchise, we also have the taxi for cash loan or you may opt in for our taxi financing loan if you want to buy second hand taxi for business and don’t have the cash to buy it.

For particulars and more information, just ask me, your top Pinoy loan consultantSamuel Casuncad.

I guarantee you that my consultation services are absolutely 100% FREE.

Apply for Personal Loan Contact Me Now

Apply for Personal Loan Contact Me Now

See our sample loan calculator below so you have a clue how much monthly amortization you expect to pay based from the interest rates that apply to the type of loan you want to avail and principal figure of your cash loanable amount.

“Sample” Monthly Amortization Computation: [Loan Calculator]

Type of Loan: Seaman’s Loan
Loan Amount: Php 50, 000.00
Interest Rate: 3% add on interest
Term: 6 Months

Loan Details
Numeric Values
Loan Amount Php 60,000.00
Multiply by Interest Rate 3%
Interest Per Month Php 1,500.00
Mutiply by Number of Months Terms + 1 Month Grace Period 6 + 1 = 7
6-Month Interest + 1 Month Grace Period Php 10,500.00
Add: Loan Amount Php 60,000.00
Total PN Value Php 60,500.00
Divide Number of Months / Terms 6
Monthly Amortization Php 10,083.33

Who Qualifies to Apply: (must have valid PRC license)

  • Doctors who is either employed with a valid (not expired) PRC license
  • Doctors who have their own clinic.
  • Doctors who have a business (corporation or single proprietorship type)
  • Doctors who are seafarers / seaman / seawoman (PRC license not necessary if seaman loan is to be applied)
  • Doctors who own a house and lot with clean title
  • Doctors who have a car or any type of vehicle with OR / CR
  • Doctors who own a taxi business with valid franchise and OR / CR
  • Doctors who are going abroad as OFWs (at least 1 month before departure and is still here in the Philippines)

Increase your chance of getting approved of a cash loan application, talk to a certified loan consultant, NOW!

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Avail 100% absolutely "FREE" loan consultation & application assistance. My name is Samuel Casuncad - your qualified professional loan agent. 200 + branches all over the Philippines. It's like calling them all at once. Ask about 1 day release and approval loan application processing. Contact Us and Apply Now! Email: Home Office: 542 7015 / 366 3645 Sun: 0932 - 872 5532 Smart: 0939 - 9269335 Globe: 0917 - 5019245 Chat:
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