OFW Loan No Longer Offered: See your alternatives

I receive many inquiries daily here on my website via my loan application link where a basic form was introduced to possible clients. The problem is, many applicants don’t know if they could qualify to apply for a seaman loan, better yet, for an OFW loan. Most of these cases are OFWs looking to file for the said placement fee loan. They are not even maritime workers and they don’t know that this type of credit has been completely stopped just last May 27, 2012 due to company reasons.

Now please allow me to let you all know that currently, the lending company with which I am working for as a freelance loan consultant has stopped offering the OFW loan. This includes but is not limited to placement fee, school or education, salary loan (for Overseas Filipino Workers and those who are employed abroad) and personal loan.

On the other hand, we offer you an alternative so that we may be able to serve your immediate and fast cash needs. These alternatives come in our other loan products which you can find above in our main navigation menu as the real estate loan (if you own a house, a lot or combined), car loan (without taking your car), business loan, jeepney or PUJ loan and the tricycle loan. However, in order to qualify for these types of cash lending system, the borrower should be able to understand certain requirements and needs by the lending corporation.

Qualification Requirements for Real Estate Loan

Basic must for a real estate loan is that the land title must be clean. When we say clean, it means that all taxes and dues are paid on time and updated and without any pending cases and civil problems of claim issues. The property must also be under one name of the applicant only. Other documentary requirements must also be met. Ask your loan consultant (me).

Qualification Requirements for Car Loan

First off, I want you all to know that our car loan had certain requirements under it before an application is processed. Apart from this, we offer it without taking your car which means you can use it anytime anywhere and still get your cash loan. Now getting to the requirements, your car must first and prior be from model 1991 and latest.

Qualification Requirements for Jeepney (PUJ) / Tricycle Loan

Very little do Filipinos know that a jeepney can be used as a collateral for applying for a loan. There are certain requirements though in order to qualify for it. 1st is that the jeepney must be in yellow plate and with necessary papers like conduction sticker (updated), mayor’s permit, franchise permit if used as public transport. If the plate is still green and is being used in business, there will be certain requirements to meet. The same set of rules apply if you want to use a tricycle for your application. Please ask me, your freelance loan consultant now!

Qualification Requirements for Business Loan

I will go straight with the list of requirements. One of which is that your business must at least be running 1 year already but this will depend on the type of business loan you are interested to apply for and will qualify based on your current status as a businessman or businesswoman. Please visit my Loan Products above to read more.

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